1. Demonstrating the integrity of our faith by thorough obedience to
the word of God.

2.  The plan of God for economic development and sound
stewardship of financial resources.

3.  Outreach to those who do not know the Lord
► Foreign Missions:  Gospel to India project and annual missions
ministry to Africa

► Striving to be a multicultural/multiracial church

► Increased activity for ministry to the poor, both within our
congregation and in the broader community
Noel Willis, the Sr.
Pastor of Living The
Word, is called by God
to help individuals
discover and walk out
their purpose.  He  is an
anointed teacher of the
Word of God, who
teaches with simplicity,
stressing the
application of the Word
of God to bring
believers to a higher
level of victorious
Living the Word Christian Ministries
began as a house meeting in the
Ypsilanti home of founders Taylor
1992.  In the Fall of 1992 the group
began meetings in the Detroit
area.  In early 1993 meetings were
moved to the Plaza hotel In
Southfield and then to the Detroit
Townsend Bridge Club building on
James Couzens in Northwest
Detroit.  After an 18-month stay in
the bridge club, a group of 25
regular adult attendees pooled
resources and purchased a small
church building on Hubbell near
eight-mile road in NW Detroit.  
Here LTW was formally
incorporated and Pastor Taylor Cox
Jr. was installed as the senior
pastor on November 6th 1994 by a
presbytery headed by Apostle
Robert Hill, his former pastor from
Christian Love Fellowship of
Ypsilanti. To read the entire article
click here.
    Our Twelve-Point Fellowship Doctrine

    Article 1: Nature of Faith
    We are disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ who we believe is one of the       
    manifestations of the almighty God, creator of the earth. We believe in the
    concept of the Trinity  that God exists as the Father, the Son (Christ, the
    Word of God) and the Holy Ghost.

    Article 2: Source of Doctrine

    The Bible is the Word of God and our source of instruction. It tells us about
    God, about man's relationship to God and about how he wants us to relate
    to one another.

    Article 3: Water Baptism

    Water baptism is a required part of the process of salvation in accordance
    with Matthew 28:19, Mark 16:16 and Acts 2:38.

    Article 4: Filling of the Holy Ghost

    The baptism (filling) of the Holy Spirit  and speaking in unknown tongues are
    relevant gifts for Christians today.

    Article 5: Salvation

    The steps of Salvation are: (a) repentance of sin, (b) sincere belief that the
    death and resurrection of Christ is the means by which we come to
    reestablish our relationship with God, (c) public confession of Christ as one's
    personal Savior and Lord, and (d) water baptism.

    Article 6: Governance

    LTW was founded based on the apostolic calling of God to the founders of
    the ministry. Therefore, membership in LTW signifies a confidence that
    these founders carry a mantle of apostolic authority to govern the ministry
    according to the written Word of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit.

    The Senior Pastor shall govern together with the Council of Overseers, and
    under the oversight of a Council of Apostles composed of leaders outside
    LTW to whom he is accountable, as described in the LTW bylaws.

    Article 7: Worship Service

    Weekly assemblies on Sunday will generally include prayer, praise/worship
    and the Word of God. It is our intention and belief that meetings are planned
    and led by the Spirit of God. The meetings at the church are primarily
    intended to equip saints to more effectively do the work of the ministry
    outside of the ministry's headquarters (church building).

    Article 8: Presentation of the Word

    The Word of God is presented through teaching, preaching, operation of the
    gift of prophecy , and operation of the gift of tongues and interpretation.
    Evangelism (preaching and witnessing) is the domain of outreach, while the
    emphasis in the meetings of the saints should be on teaching of the Word.

    Article 9: Respect of Persons

    We seek to include persons from all races, nationalities and social classes.
    We seek to promote racial integration in the fellowship.

    Article 10: Financial Support

    The revenue base of the Church is to come from member tithes and

    Article 11: Gifts of the Spirit

    We believe that the gifts of the Spirit as describes in 1 Cor. 12 and Romans
    12 are for the Church today.

    Article 12: Sacraments

    We observe the following sacraments:
    1. Water Baptism
    2. Communion
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Since the beginning of 2008, points of emphasis within the three
areas have  included:
Since inception, the vision of LTW has contained three main points
of focus:
The vision has been added, namely to promote and pursue unity
while welcoming diversity within the body  of Christ.
Since 2010, A 4th point of focus in the vision has been added: