The Music Ministry is under the direction of Pastor Cynthia Cox .  She is responsible
for the development and use of music as a tool for expression of our love and
devotion to God.  The main activities of this ministry include writing songs, leading
praise and worship at LTW meetings and the ministry of song to the congregation
through vocal and instrumental solos.  The LTW Praise Team has been invited to
minister at special services for other local congregations.

Other teams of the Music Ministry, which serve regularly at LTW and elsewhere,

  • Dance Team (headed by Anya Phillips)
  • Mime Team (headed by Diana Washington)
  • Sign Team (headed by Evangelist Janine Carter)
  • Drama/Special Arts (headed by Evangelist Naomi Martin)
To contact Pastor Cynthia Cox about ministry activities click here.
Living The Word Christian Ministries presents
"Praises Go Up".  This is our debut album
featuring Psalmist Delfreda Horton and
producer, Minstrel Jerry Horton Jr.

Under the leadership of Pastor Cynthia Cox,
the LTW praise team pulled together a
compilation of songs that we hope will bless
and inspire you to continue to press forward
and reach higher toward the endless
blessing that God Almighty has given to all  
those who will receive them.  All of the
songs on this CD were written by members
of our ministry and the music was produced
and arranged by Jerry Horton Jr.  

We are very greatful for all of the gifted
people that God has placed in our ministry
and we rejoice in the opportunity to share
these musical gifts with the world through
"Praises Go Up".
Praises Wait For Thee - Written by David Willis
Praises Go Up - Written by Jerry Horton Jr.
Same God - Written by Nancy Smith, Cynthia Cox
Unto The King - Written by Cynthia Cox
Advance - Written by Cynthia Cox
God Almighty - Written by Jerry Horton Jr.
Recitation - By AL Davis
Holy Is The Lamb - Written by Jerry Horton Jr.
In His Temple - Written by David Willis
Strong And Courageous - Written by Delfreda Horton
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