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Men Truth
The LTW Men's Ministry, "Men of Truth", God's character and

Men are called by God to be the anchor of families, society and the
Church.  When men are not fulfilling their roles, all other aspects of
life in the Earth will be affected negatively.  Children are
inadequately prepared for life, Mothers are left to try to fill shoes
which they are not equipped to do, and women have to try to
exercise a level of authority in the spiritual realm that has really
been delegated by God to men.

Our goal is to support men through Fellowship, Accountability and
instruction in The Word of God.  We believe that as we do this, only
then will we begin to see real transformation in our homes, schools,
cities, states and our Nation.
While they consistently give their best
on the job, good enough seems to be
all they can muster as dads. But they're
quickly discovering that their standard is
missing the mark.
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