Flowing In The Blessing - Minister Nancy Smith
Blessings vs miracles!  Most people want to experience God's
miracles in providing for their everyday needs.  What you don't know is
that there is a better way to receive from God.  
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The Laws of Hearing Part 1 - Pastor Noel Willis
There are law that are at work in the earth that impact our lives and
circumstances.  Failure to understand these laws lead to unintended
difficulties.  However, those who understand these laws can operate
them to produce success
Understanding Gifts and Calling Part 1 - Pastor Noel Willis
When God created each of us, he built into our spirit the equipment we
need to enable us to fulfill the purpose for which he created us.  Many
people confuse their gift with their purpose and it leads to a life of
Preparation For Purpose Part 1 - Pastor Noel Willis
In order for anyone to fulfill their purpose there is a process of
preparation that brings us to the place where we are ready to
step into our purpose
Born Again?  Why? Part 1 - Pastor Noel Willis
Jesus said that a person must be born again to enter the Kingdom of
God.  But why is it necessary to be born again?  What happens when a
person is born again that grants them access to the Kingdom of God?
Why Won't He Ask Me To Marry Him - Pastor Noel Willis
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This is taken from a message on How To Become Successful
and answers the question that many woman across the
country are asking
A Good Man Leaves An Inheritance - Pastor Noel Willis
The wisest man who ever lived wrote in Proverbs that "a good man
leaves an inheritance to his children's children".  But what exactly does
this mean?  There are many types of inheritances that we can leave, but
there is one type that is not well known, but extremely powerful.  Learn
what this inheritance is and how you can leave it for your children.
How To Become Successful Part 1 - Pastor Noel Willis
Everyone wants to be successful in life - in our careers, in our family life,
in our finances, and every other area of life.  Yet, many find success
elusive and are frustrated because the life that they envisioned is not the
life they are experiencing.  The Bible shows us that God wants us to be
successful.  If this is the case, then what is missing?  This series looks
at the steps necessary to experience success in life.