LTW  Evangelism  Ministry
Go ye therefore into all the world and preah the Gospel
Mark 16:15
Welcome to the LTW Evangelism Ministry  

Under the leadership of Evangelist Naomi Martin, the Evangelism ministry plans
and executes the major outreach activities of LTW. The team has the on-going
responsibilities to oversee the development and implementation of strategies for
the outreach component of the LTW church vision. Current team activities include
a bi-monthly meeting at a Detroit homeless shelter and an annual foreign
missions trip.

In 2009, a team to took a missions trip to Ghana. The team also coordinates local
outreach events such as the 2008 open house held jointly with Peace Lutheran
Church. To contact Evangelist Naomi Martin for information about coming ministry
click here.  To contact Evangelist Janine Carter click here.
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